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Data Sharing Commitment

The Mobilise-D consortium collects a high volume of quantitative and qualitative data related to its main objectives. In particular, comprehensive data are being collected within the cross-sectional technical validation study (TVS, 2020-2022) and the longitudinal clinical validation study (CVS, 2021-2024). Mobilise-D is committed to making its data available to the wider community after collection and processing, subject to appropriate ethical and data privacy requirements being met.

Data Sharing Policy

Mobilise-D data will be shared through a secure platform following an application and authorisation procedure. Available data will consist of a list of datasets and metadata generated within the project, summary results of the various studies, and validated algorithms used to develop digital outcomes, following academic publication. The Mobilise-D Data Sharing Policy will become available here soon. 

Data compendia

  • Review data (Rev)
  • Interview data (Int)
  • Young Adults Reference data (YAR)
  • Technical Validation Study (TVS)
  • Clinical Validation Study (CVS)

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Data showcase

Data samples that illustrate the datasets and their metadata, will be added here when each data compendium becomes available for sharing. More information will come soon.   

Apply for access

More information about the application and authorisation procedure will come soon.