66 years old, married (44 years) with no children.

Living in Lincoln, England

Worked in construction (Mechanical and Electrical Services) all his working life with the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham being two of the many major projects worked on. He started out “on the tools” as a pipe fitter/welder and progressed into the office rising to the position of Estimating Manager responsible for winning £60-100 million per annum. He was able to retire early (at 55) to pursue his hobbies of golf and football.

Norman was diagnosed with MS in 1982, he has good and bad spells with it now being recognised as Relapsed Remitting MS. He would add that the good far outweigh the bad. 

He is pleased to contribute to the PPAG in any way possible hopefully for the betterment of others and (selfishly) to learn new things.