On this page, we will post opportunities to get involved in the following tasks:

Data sharing

We would like to know how people feel about sharing health data, including what annonymising their data means for sharing opportunities in the future. Some work has already explored this topic so we would like to know more about this changing area, through the use of surveys, focus groups etc.

Data visualisation

It is important to know how results should be shared with patients and the public in general so that they understand them and what it means for their health. We will work with patient representatives to consider how best to share complex data and how to publish the results of our studies in public spaces.

Digital trial guidelines

Its important to provide guidance to researchers and the public about how to complete studies with digital tools in a way that ensures inclusivity and supports recruitment and participation. We will look to update guidelines to consider a digital focus.

Value of mobility

We have already done a lot of work to understand how important walking is to people and how they experience it in the context of chronic illness. But we need to do more. We will take the information we have gathered and consider what else we need and how best to collect this with our PPAG.